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About Portland Puppets – Check List
Portland Puppets
bring families and independent business together in a fun, informative and entertaining way.
Portland Puppets
entertain kids and their families like no others.
Portland Puppets
100% pro CommUnity.
Portland Puppets
= Personalized messages - fun, entertaining, informative, encouraging and congratulatory.
​Portland Puppets

= A championing force for kids, families, causes, charities, organizations, artists, entertainers, independent merchants, and more.
Portland Puppets
= Best marketing solution for independent agents, artists, entertainers and merchants.Portland Puppets
= Large cast of characters that have exclusive access to one of the most extensive voice over voice banks in the world.

Portland Puppets = live & recorded personal messages about: Kindness, Wisdom, Imagination, Discipline, Aspiration, Relaxation, Counseling, Therapy, Adventure, Safety, History, Cultural Awareness, Animal & Planet awareness, Health, Literary, Social Awareness, Theatrical, Education, Leadership, Art, Occupations, Self-Esteem, Bullying, Self-Awareness, Science And More.
Portland Puppets = Ever growing video gallery of their entertaining and informative performances.
Portland PuppetssayCommUnity is part commerce and U & i in Unity.

Portland Puppets needU/you.

Portland Puppets
only with the Portland area community, to the exclusion of all else. They are
all Portland’s spokes puppets! 

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Portland Puppets is an entertainment business, based in Portland Oregon, that produces voice over, online videos and performs live shows, (in the Portland Oregon area).

Behind the scenes of the Portland Puppets is writer, voice over actor and puppeteer Kevin Wolf. You might say Kevin has a hand in everything the Portland Puppets do.

When the Portland Puppets aren't out performing at a gig, or lending their support to a worthwhile Portland community event or cause, they are in their studio creating videos for web ads, personal greetings, reviews for people across American and around the world.

There are over  60 Portland Puppets characters  each with their
own unique look and voice.  

Speaking of voices...the Portland Puppets have one of, if not the largest private voice over, voice banks in the world boasting

There are over  30 Portland Puppet people characters  too. Some perform in online videos but most are celebrity, singer impersonators that only perform live shows in Portland Oregon.

The  script writing  by the the Portland Puppets is excellent and if you like satire or comedy in the vain of 'The Office' or Stephen Colbert you are going to want a shot of what they've got!

Portland Puppets are ridiculously affordable, fun, friendly and easy to work with and with a cast of over 60 characters amazingly convenient to work with! 

It may be that some people think puppets are just for kids and while the Portland Puppets agree that puppets "speak" to the kid in all of us, they are also quick to point out that some of the most successful ad campaigns use a puppet or puppets.

Portland Puppets puppets also want to point out that they are lovable, captivating, refreshingly different, "judgement proof" and can be demanding without being offensive! Yeah, the Portland Puppets... they're the best!




When the Portland Puppets aren't out performing at a gig, or lending their support to a worthwhile Portland community event or cause, they are in their studio creating videos for web ads, personal greetings, reviews for people across American and around the world.

The Portland Puppets are very concerned about the future we will be leaving today's children. They believe that the easiest and most effect things we can do is be more aware of what really impacts our lives by sharpen our critical thinking skills and doing all we can strengthening our communities.

Having fun and being entertaining is how the Portland Puppets earn a living and while that is essential they also strive to be more than just another independent business.

The Portland Puppets want to help build a better future for the next generations by going beyond the shows & videos and encouraging people everywhere participate in building a better future by strengthening their commUnities.

With the Portland Puppets it's 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 for making the future a great place to go.

Puppets know that you can't spell commUnity without spelling the word unity and when it's all said and done that's what they're all about...unity! And we can't have unity without u/you. 

Ultimately, unity moves us closer to building a better future and one that we all want our children's children's children to live in. One that they CAN live in.

From writing, voice over and online videos to live shows, the Portland Puppets have so much to offer.

Now that you know a bit about the Portland Puppets they hope you will give them your support by telling your friends, family and independent agents, businesses, artists & entertainers in your community all about them.

​Together we are better! Together we'll make the world even better and we'll have a great time doing it! 

Please note: Portland Puppets love everyone and in the spirit of love and unity the Portland Puppets are both non-denominational and non-partisan but they will always promote issues and causes that are good for Portland and the planet. Like