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Portland Puppets All About Puppets Instructional Class.

Learn all about puppets, puppetry, being a puppeteer with Q&A. Includes students writing a basic script, building a basic puppet, (that the students keep), performing a brief skit.

Class Located - 11525 NE Halsey Portland Oregon 97220.

Class Times - 10:00 to Noon and 1:00 to 3:00 on Thursdays. Time includes 10 minute break.

Maximum Class Size - 25 occupancy.

Class can be held at your location. Call to make arrangements. 

Call 971 276 4472 to book.

Working with a puppet(s) can promote creativity, serve as "vehicle" for expression and be therapeutic.

The following "puppetry instructive" class is tailored for kids 7 to 12 however, anyone over the age of 7 with an interest in puppetry would enjoy and benefit from it.  

The following are the topics I cover listed in the order I cover them. They include plenty of time for Q & A.   
1. Talking about puppets and puppetry, broadly. Includes a brief history of puppets from around the world and different kinds of puppets and puppetry. Also, included is how puppetry inspires creativity, promotes communication and enhances verbal skills.
2. Brief overview of how operate most types of puppets.
3. Sound component. Includes music, script(s) & script writing, lip syncing, voice over and ventriloquism. 
4. Environments, mediums and applications. Discussing types of environments and modern day mediums for which puppetry is performed and many of the applications such as instruction, entertainment, marketing. etc.
5. Discussing, in brief, the making of different types of puppets from a 2 finger puppet to puppets that require many people to operate. 
6. Show & Tell about the making of some of the most common types of puppets in use today.
7. Hands on making of a puppet. Using socks the kids from home to build-a-puppet kits. ($25.00 per kit and about 15 minutes to build).
8. Script writing. Each child will create a short script. 
9. Practicing lip-syncing with the hand puppet, (the child just made). 
10. Putting on a puppet play. Selecting 1 out 5 ideas such as being lost in the woods, or deciding what movie to see at the theater. It's just ad-libbing. This is done in groups of 2 to 4 children lasting 3 to 5 minutes.  This gives the children the feel of performing before an audience.   

Items of topics 1 through 6 would take about an hour, depending on Q & A to cover. 

Then a 10 to 15 break for the kids might be a good idea before, (if you choose to go on to topics 7 through 10), proceeding to items of topics 7-10 would be another about another hour.  

None of topics include an actual puppet play/show other than a brief example.

my puppet shows.