Hello and welcome to the best "complete, creative control make a great video" website!

You're in the directors chair and we are your complete production team!

This website gives you options, ideas and actors to create your own one-of-a-kind video performed by lovable, judgement-proof puppets.

We start with the 'Portland Puppets Cost & Options' page to show you all that you can do for very little money. The 'Base Video' cost about the same as 1 fast food dinner. By the way we use PayPal the safe and easy way to pay.

Once you've reviewed all your options to create your own video(s) just the way you want by either reading the info. below or watching the 'Portland Puppets Cost & Options'  video, we suggest you the go to the 'Vid Hub' page.

The 'Vid Hub' will show our work, give you ideas and introduce you to the over 60 Portland Puppets characters.

Get ready to have fun and get creative! You are in the directors chair and we are your complete production team!


A Base, (Bare Minimum), Video  is up to 30 seconds long and includes: 1 puppet + 1 voice over, (voice of the puppet) – about 35 words per 30 seconds), 1 background.  A Base Video - $10 

Note: Except for lip-syncing, ie, when a puppet(s) are singing a song, you provide, the puppets only voice/talk with “their” “assigned voice”.

Video“Add Tos” (All of the following video “Add Tos” are just $5 each.) 

Time- Add up 30 seconds of time to the video -$5 each. Usually means more voicing/talk and or puppetry time, (talking or not).

Puppets- Additional Puppet(s) -$5 each.

Music– Each Added Track -$5 each. Note: Many of the Portland Puppets have their own background music and there is no extra charge if you want “their” “assigned” music.

Sound Effects– Up To 5 for  $5

Pictures/Backgrounds/Logo- Add Up To 3 Pictures/Backgrounds/Logo, (any combination) -  $5

Text- Add up to 15 words of scrolling text -$5 each.

Video In Video - If you already have a video(s) you can send us, we’ll simply incorporate it, (either as a background or off to the side of the puppet), into the "main video" we are making for you. Note: The added video must not exceed the length of the video it’s being added to. -$5 for each up to 30 seconds

Additional Options & Services

Your Music Lip-Synced by Portland Puppets-$5 per up to 3 minutes.

Video Split  - Video Split Explained - Each Individual Video Is 1 MP4 File. You can split that video into two or separate video files/MP4 files for  $5 each  

Script Writing, (Based On Your “Talking Points”), $5 per up 60 seconds of voicing/talk time.

Retro-izing The Look
– We can add a visual effect to make the video appear as if it was filmed in another time period such as an early 70s home movie.  $5

Real Product – Contact for price.

Intro and Outros - Contact for price.

How You Will Receive Your Video(s)/MP4 Video Files
If the video(s) you order are less than a minute they can usually be sent in a zip file via your email. Larger files can be sent sent via Google OneDrive.

Now that you know what a '
Base Video' and video “Add Tos” cost, if you haven’t already… I strongly encourage you to review all our many video samples and notice the video’s “Ad Tos” such as the number of puppets, or the scrolling text, etc.. One great sample example is 'Center Side Video'. Go to this page 'Vid Hub' to see all that there is to see.

Put the video crafting power of Portland Puppets to work for you! 

Kevin Wolfthe “Creative” behind thePortland Puppets and I look forward to working for you!

Please let us know if you have questions. 

Best regards,
Portland Puppets!

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