Hoagy The Boy - All from kid's perspective - Feelings, and everything from listening to parents to bullying.

Note: Hoagy can talk directly to your child/children or any of the following Portland Puppets puppets and any of the following Portland Puppets puppets can either talk directly to your child/children or they can talk to Hoagy

Hue Blue From Klatu - Environment, Pirate Hardy - Adventure Travel, Hooby Dooby - Positive Fun Cheer Up.

Fireman Dan - Safety, Fitness Phil - Exercise and Diet, Cowboy Sunny- Polite Manners & Appreciation, Ben Story Teller- Literary, TOZ- Animal Appreciation, Gramps - Wisdom & Understanding, Granny - Any General Message, Ryan The Lion - Strength & Courage, Sheriff Roy - Staying Out of Trouble, Irish Lucky - Risk & Chance, Wizard Kazabok - Magic of Imagination.

Specialty Interactive Videos - "Pre-filled" by Parent(s) = Ameribrit - Game/Quiz Show, Pirate Hardy's Treasure, Swami Knowsall - Special Surprise. 

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