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Portland Saturday Market With Boost Cool - Boosty Cool visits with some of the vendors at the Portland Saturday Market. 

The Proposal - This Portland Puppets, pre-green screen, mini-movie is a thought provoking piece about love & marriage. Sometimes we tend to do things just because without really stopping to ask why. 

Drunkin Stew Out take - Principal Durk Durkson cracks the director up by the mere mention of contacting Polyanna about her son.    

Just A Dive. Flying is non-stop fun with the Captain And The Cop. This clip is sure to lift your spirits! 

Anonamose - Rango gets a little tipsy but has to deliver a speech for someone who wants to remain anonymous.

Portland Puppets Mini Movies 

Preach That Recipe - This video is a recipe for laughter.

Drunkin Stew - Never drink on an empty stomach...better have some of Polyanna's 'Drunkin Stew. Nobody cooks like Polyanna. See how it's done!

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