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Hello I'm Kevin, the owner of Portland Puppets and I will make you a basic 5 page Godaddy website in about 3 hours for $85 and not a penny more! 

Putting together a basic website these days is very easy but if you've never done it before I can save you more than enough time and trouble to be well worth the small amount I charge. 

For $85.00 I will:

I will make a nice 5 page Godaddy website for you.

Note: Not included with this service is your 'basic website' hosting by Godaddy that will cost a few bucks a month and a registered domain name for about $15.00 for 2 years, (you'll get to pick out your websites name and I'll confirm availability). Godaddy has been in business since 1997 and they have a great track record and great customer service.  Godaddy hosting is less then $5.00 per month.

I will finish your website in 3 hours. It shouldn't take me any longer but if it does, it will not cost you a penny more.

If you live in Portland I will, (if you want), show/teach you how to do what I do so that in the future you can add, subtract and make any changes you want, when you want. And I will so calmly and with an easy to understand voice. 

I will:
Add up to 7 standard pages of text you provide. For a small fee I will write text for you based on your talking points. 

Add up to 8 pictures. 

Add up to 3 videos.

Add up to 5 songs or one song auto-continuous play.

Add 1 contact form.

I will link to your Facebook & Twitter account, if you have them, to the website.

I add key words "metatags".

Search Engine Visibility is NOT included but is available through Godaddy.


Since I'm the owner of Portland Puppets I have really cool extras for your website too. I offer made-for-you video ads, intros, logos, text writing and voice over starting at just $10.00. And for a little more you can have my made-for-you "explainer" and other videos and more! see 

About Me:
I'm a friendly, average guy, in my early 50s, who has been creating my own Godaddy websites, like, since 2006 and I'm offering this service to help people get a website that they can feel good about at a very reasonable price. 

I'm NOT someone who figured out how to do this basically simple stuff and portrays himself as a genius, you'd be lucky to be in the same room with, yet, in reality you would not want to make you toast. 

Contact me because everyone should have a website! Thank you. - Kevin

Have a basic 5 page Godaddy website made for you or your business for $85.00