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When Stanly got older he decided to change his name to TOZ after The Oregon Zoo and now he'd like to be a spokes puppet for The Oregon Zoo and he's asking for your support to have The Oregon Zoo grant him his wish.  Go to our facebook page to show your support. We all thank you.

Portland Puppets are not a non-profit but they do a lot of good things and they appreciate your tips.

​​Help Portland Puppet TOZ became The Oregon Zoo spokes puppet. When he was young his name was Cedric but upon visiting the Oregon Zoo a few times he came to build a strong bond with all the animals there.

​​​​Please tell others in Portland about us.

Please tell us your ideas and suggestions.  We appreciate your tips donations!


We are interested in bartering our services for yours.  if you're a Portland area  about us including independent agent, artist, musician/band member, entertainer or business please let us know what we have and you have that you'd be interested in bartering for.

Also let us know about you and what you do and we will add you/your business or band information in our Free Portland Indies Directory. We want Portlanders to know about you. Let us know if you'd like to be in an up coming "Portland Indie Go" show. 

Voluteers-  Contact us at 971 276 4472 to be a Portland Puppets volunteer and join in the fun and bringing joy. The Portland Puppets really are extension of you if you part of the Portland commUnity so let them serve as your vehicle to do good for others in the community and have a great time doing it. 

Hi there! I'm Pitch Puppet Perry and on behalf of all of the Portland Puppets I'm asking for your help to make greater Portland even greater!

We need the help of the commUnity/you to help us to let others know about us and our mission to help Portland prosper.

Using live shows &  videos, of all kinds, along with all kinds of commUnity outreach, we entertain create joy and promote greater awareness of Portland's exceptional "indie community", places and good causes. All of which make up Portland's tremendous, social & cultural wealth.

Please help us help portland!