Do You SayVoo?  You do if:

You care about your community and the future. Please join SayVoo. It's free and it's right thing to do. 

You're an independent business owner, independent realtor, agent, artist or entertainer please join SayVoo

The more people who SayVoo the better!With your help we are putting together a list of independent businesses, realtors, agents, artists and entertainers across America and throughout the world.

Please join SayVoo and tell your friends and family aboutSayVootoo. Together we can change the world for the better and it all starts with you and your community. So..."Do You SayVoo? Then join SayVoo now by contacting us and saying "I SayVoo, sign me up!" 

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By signing up you will be joining others who understand X/externalities and know that easiest and most effective way to be part of building a better and more sustainable world is by doing business with neighbors.

When you sign up also let us know if you want SayVoo email, updates and special offers.

​There is never any obligation to do anything at all. Being a SayVoo member means you're an aware consumer that cares about your community, the world and the future! That's why you SayVoo

SayVoo is something you do because it's an easy and fun way to participate in freeing you community from the "chains" that drag it down and keep it from being all it can be. That's why you SayVoo

You SayVoo so that your community can prosper and reward it's citizens instead of some family that holds more wealth then half the world or share-holders that only care about what they can squeeze out of your community. That's why you SayVoo

​Right now we the Portland Puppets are offering a free up to 1 minute 'Silent Movie' video when you purchase any other Portland Puppets video.

​​If you're a independentbusiness owner, realtor, agent, artist or entertainer and if you give us your contact info when when you contact us to join we will ad you to the SayVoo list of information on this site so that others SayVoomembers can contact you.

We encourage you to make people aware that you are a SayVoomember and offer discounts of some kind or buy 3 get 1 free or similar types of deals like we the Portland Puppets do and we do because we SayVoo

Thank you for joining SayVoo and telling others about it and giving your neighbors your business and giving SayVoo members a bit better deal when possible. And again, please let others know about SayVoo because together we're better and we need to "Break The Chains" because they're breaking us!

Thank you and SayVoo to you!

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