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Live Puppet Shows - The Portland Puppets provide "Entertainment That's Way Beyond The Norm"! 

Boomer Puppet Shows Featuring Gramps & Granny with Old Western singer Sam Sage and Oldies Rock & Roll singer Lil E with Wolfwolf Jay.  Show last about 35 minutes. $130 for an audience of up to 60. For audiences beyond 60 call for pricing.

Singing Puppets - Fun Comedy 130.00 per hour. - Watch Video  

Children's Birthday Party Shows - ages up to 10 years. - Featuring Cowboy Sunny, Pirate Hardy, Hue Blue, Monkey TOZ.

I found that kids really enjoy talking back and fourth with the puppet more then watching the puppets talk to each other.

Each puppet talks with the children for about 5 minutes with special attention being paid to the guest of honor/the one having the birthday.

Pirate Hardy sings his own very special birthday song to the birthday boy or girl so, have your camera ready. Show last about 20 minutes.  $130 for an audience of up to 60 people. Comes with free invitation video.  For audiences beyond 60 people, call for pricing.

Safety & Health Show - ages up to 10 years - Featuring Fireman Dan, Fitness Phil, Doug. Show last about 30 minutes. This is a very comprehensive safety & health, infotainment and Q & A show. Fireman Dan talks about safety, Fitness Phil talks about exercise & diet and Doug talks about everything from staying with your parent in store to bullying and much more. $95 for an audience of up to 25. Maximum show/class size can not exceed 25 children.

Singing & Humor Puppet Show - all ages - Kip the Crooner, Soul Singer Cedric, Old Western Singer Sam Sage, Rock & Roller Lil E with Wolfwolf Jay. All the Portland Puppets singers are accompanied by a person, in character, who harmonizes in duets with them.

Shows are all different and may cost more if:

  • Size of the audience is larger than 60 people which may require an expanded sound system.
  • The venue requires extra lighting or over head cover
  • The event located outside of Portland. 
  • There will be 1 show or multi-shows at the same event?

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