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Portland's Independent Agents

When people hear the word agent the first thing that might come to mind is Federal agents and people going to jail but by definition an agent is a person who acts on behalf of another and when it comes to agents Portland has the best. 

The Portland Puppets are happy to have, on this website, a directory of listings that feature the contact 

information and in some cases a "FeaturePlex", video(s), of independent, Portland area agents from 

various vocations.  


Portland Puppets ask that all independent Portland area agents contact them to get listed, for free, in the Portland Puppets 'Portland Indie Agents Directory'.  

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Insurance - - Real Estate - - Talent​​

This site is brand new, therefore, Portland Puppets need your help in gathering independent, Portland area agents that would like the Portland Puppets to create "FeaturePlex Videos" to be placed here on Portland's CommUnity Website, as well as, Facebook, Youtube, other websites, etc.

​The Portland Puppets are messaging experts and make web video magic with video ads that captivate, inform and get "shared".

The Portland Puppets don't just get people's attention, they hold it! They're the complete package and they're really cute to boot! ​​

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