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Rango's Interview - Talks passionately about his feelings for the Portland Indies and Portland on his flight back to Portland.

This site is brand new, therefore, Portland Puppetsneed your help in gathering independent, Portland area businesses that would like the Portland Puppets to create "FeaturePlex Videos" to be placed here on Portland's CommUnity Website, as well as, Facebook, Youtube, other websites, etc.

The Portland Puppets are messaging experts and make web video magic with video ads that captivate, inform and get "shared".

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​A special message to all citizens of the Portland Area community.The Portland Puppets are very protective of their community, which is, of course, the Portland area. And because they love their community they strongly embrace everything that serves their community’s best interests and naturally, they strongly condemn everything that is harmful to their community. 

This being the case, it completely stands to reason that they wholeheartedly embrace independent Portland area businesses and vehemently reject corporate, conglomerates and the chain outlets that are feed off of communities like leeches and leave them in a perpetually weakened and unhealthy state.

​ The Portland Puppets want everyone to start standing up for their communities and they believe that if everyone would come to understood
externalities, that eventually the cooperate, community, leeches would go away and communities would, once again, be able to thrive. 

Some might call the Portland Puppets position, on this matter, radical but those who love children and care about the community they will inherit will likely call it rational.  
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The Portland Puppets  are getting ready to meet with independent Portland area business owners but in the meantime please see why you should always give your business to independent Portland area businesses and  break the chains  that drag our Portland area community down.

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