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 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We Make Any Party Better!  

We Can Also Make Your Message Into An Online Video Masterpiece!

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Portland Puppets Will go to your location perform Live Shows  in PORTLAND OR area only!

Portland Puppets Online VideosGreat for small businesses, families and friends!

Average cost for personal online videos is $10 to $15 and $25 to $50 for business online videos. Be sure to watch some of our many video examples of what others have ordered and for ideas. Ask about our "Block Video Option" for extra savings!

Make the most of your social media with affordable, individually, custom-crafted, attention keeping, online videos that convey your message! Videos Delivered To You In Easy To Down/Up Load MP4 Files. 

If you've watched any of the Portland Puppets videos than you've seen for yourself why nothing beats using "Puppet Power" to deliver your messages online. 

Portland Puppets videos are far from the cost prohibitive videos we are bombarded with and Portland Puppets videos are remarkable down to earth and so different as to leave a memorable, enduring and endearing impression. Best of all you can have them made your way for next to nothing$. By puppets! 

Now at a price you can easily afford you have a video production team with a cast of over 60 judgement proof, puppet characters at your command. So many characters means that your message will be delivered by the right messenger and that's important because when you need a pirate you need a pirate not a professor. And we are always adding more characters as needed.

Getting and holding a persons ATTENTION and ENTERTAINING and INFORMING them is the goal for any of the following reasons!

Business Ads, Events & Promotions - Wishes - Congratulating - Event Announcements - Invitations - Fund Raising - Encouragement - Education - Instruction - Music - Humor - Social Awareness - Safety - Health - Story Telling - Etc.  To see video examples go to Custom Puppet Videos.

The following are the creative video styles we use to showcase your message. Except for those with an * they can all have a colored, picture or video background and most can have a photo or video in the foreground along with text.

Single Puppet - Multi-Puppet - Action Movie - Ask & Tell - Before & After - Center Side - Fortune Teller - I Go To... - Fast - Short - Fast & Short - Multi-Scene - News Report - Power Pitchers - * Preach It - Radio & TV Mix - Retro TV - * Silent Movie - Combo - Video To Reality - Video Trains - Voice To Text Puppet - We Differ But... - TestimonialTo see video examples go to Video Styles.


Portland Puppets will make online Video(s) saying Your Message. These online videos are easy to put on social media and web sites. Great for Ads, Event Notifications, Invitations, Greetings, Wishes and So Much More!     

Now you have your own
- writers if you need/want or we will use the script you provide.
- cast of 60 different, attention grabbing, judgement proof, characters. 
- video producer that builds you quality videos, just the way you want.
All for a fraction of the price that others charge!  

With near endless options...the only practical way to get you a price is for you to tell us what you want. 

Quick Checklist  to complete prior to contacting Portland Puppets at 971 276 4472 or via Facebook "Message".

At the bottom of this page is a good video example that features many of your options.

Do you have script? Yes or No

First you'll need a script. If you have a script, great! if not we can write a great script(s) based on your talking points. 

How many Portland Puppets puppets do you want in your video?

What background do you want?  Color or Picture or Video?
You can add an mp4 video background but of course it can not exceed the length of the video it is the background or you can add jpg. or png. pictures for background. We have many backgrounds including different colors. 

Do you want a crawl/text?
Yes or No? 

Do you want music background on your video? Yes or No? 
Some videos come with music unless you don't want it but other music can be added. 

What resolution/visual quality do you want you video? DVD/WEB or HD 
Our standard video is at a DVD/web resolution which is very well-suited for Youtube, websites and/or other social media platforms like Facebook and emailing to others BUT we can make it full HD if you want. Most videos on this site are full HD.

Once your video(s) is/are made it/they will be delivered to your email via mp4 file(s).  A MP4 file is the most common video file type.
MP4 files can easily be saved on your computer/phone/thumb drive and loaded to Youtube or other video hosts and your website(s) and/or other social media platforms like Facebook and of course, they can be emailed to others.