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 Live Shows Unbeatable Selection, Prices And Entertainment! Personalized Messages, Marketing, Videos starting as low as $10  

​​Live Shows - Portland Area Only

Portland Puppets consist of 60 puppet and 30 people characters to entertain all ages with a near endless combination of acts!

Marketing Videos 

Connect + Convey = Customers 

Ultimately, marketing connects customers with sellers and then purchasing what the sellers are selling. Connecting customers with sellers is what the very, down to earth, Portland Puppets do so very well. 

​​​​​​Personalized Message Videos 

Personalized, Special, Fun and Memorable!

Announcements, Congratulatory, Greetings, Fun, Invitations, Wishes, Educational, Instructional, Inspirational, For any occasion, any event, anything you can think of!


Put the Portland Puppets to work for you with entertainment that is way beyond the norm!