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Basic Portland Puppets Video

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Custom Video Options

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​​​​Have your videos placed - Have your videos placed here on this Portland Puppets website 

where they can be viewed by Portland Puppet fans. Up to 3 for just $2.50 per month or $15.00 per year.

Video Placed On This Site
Live Shows
Writing Services
Voice Over Services

​​​​​Showcase Videos - Video & Slide Show with text, voice over, background music. Typically used a video presentations of homes, cars, boats, stores, art, performances, anything that has many rooms, parts, pieces, and the like.

In most cases showcase videos require on location video recording costing $50.00 per hour of "shoot" time.

Most projects do not exceed 1 hour. Once the video is shot the "showcase" building begins by adding any of the custom add on features to create a perfect showcase video for your listing, business, products, services, talent, art works, band, fund raisers, etc. Video footage can often be used for many different videos.


Reviews of a product or service - is just $30.00 per review. The Portland Puppets love to review almost everything and if they like what they have reviewed they will endorse it. The endorsement just comes about naturally during the review of a product or service.

The review is video recorded and the Portland Puppets do charge $30.00 for their review critique and the fee is the same whether or not they endorse what they reviewed.

If the review leads to a Portland Puppets endorsement then, and only then, they will promote that product or service. They will endorse it on their "We Endorse This" page here on this website. A Portland Puppet endorsement is a great thing to have. 

Ad & Script Writing-$ 0.05 per word. We realize that's tremendously inexpensive/cheap but that's because this "give away" rate makes getting great Portland Puppet videos even easier!  

Almost everything the Portland Puppets say or do all require written scripts. The script and, or, ad copy is the foundation upon which all else is built so, it needs to be a well-constructed, artful, mix of wit, wisdom and psychology. And as actors, let’s just say it…, nobody delivers a message better than the Portland Puppets. They are tremendously, talented actors with loads of puppet power and they certainly know how to use it!  50 words is about 30 seconds of scripted audio.

Live Shows - Now Over 60 Portland Puppets & 30 People Characters!

Kids Shows: $120.00 per 40 to 45 minute set. Select from these stories and our perfect for kids puppets. mornings and afternoons only. Availability varies from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the day and time of the year. Contact us at 971 276 4472 if you have questions or to book a show.


All Ages Shows: $200.00 per hour. Select from "Build-A-Show"

Minimums: Week days 1 hour. Week nights 2 hours. Weekend days 2 hours. Friday & Saturday nights 3 hours.  Contact us at 971 276 4472 if you have questions or to book a show.

Voice Over -$10.00 per project/order plus $0.10 per word. Files/finished work delivered in mp3 or wav fille.     Choose from over 100 different voices. 

Portland Indies Shows feature Portland's independent

agents, artists, businesses and entertainers for free!

Contact us if you're a Portland area independent agent, artist, business or 

entertainer and would like to be featured in the 'Portland Indies Show'!

​​​​​​​​​​​Basic Portland Puppets Video For General Personal Messages And Web/Facebook Ads

For payment we use Paypal the safe secure way to pay. We do not collect any information! 

"Pop-In Videos" - Pre-made to be personalized videos $5 & $10 each. Purchase Pop In Videos on the 'Pop In Videos' page. 

Video Messages & Ads Basic Video - $25.00 per mp4 video/order. Includes 80 words, music and a basic background.

General Personal Messages come with free brief Portland Puppets intro & outro. See samples.

Web/Facebook ad videos, receive a free special Portland area business intro and outro. See samples.

We write scripts all the time! If you have a script, that's great! but if not, just

give us your "talking points" and the maximum number of words, for your video,

and we'll put together a script that will make us and your video look great!

There is nothing we want more than for your video to be enjoyed and shared! Need a script? See 'Ad & Script Writing below.  

Customize Your Video(s) Options    If you need help give us a call at 976 276 4472 

Add Words for the Puppet(s) to say or for whiteboard - $0.20 per word.  *

Add Puppets -  You can add puppet characters for dialog. $5.00 each.    *

Add Background -
Your video comes with a basic white, or blue, or green background.  

If you'd like you can add pictures you supply or our stock pictures for just $5.00 each.

Add Text, Captions or Titles - $5.00 + 0.05 a letter.*

​Add Video In Video - 
$5.00 per video in the video. Requires at least one other Portland Puppets video.

We can also use 'Showcase Videos'. Please see 'Showcase Videos' below. 

Add Sound Effects - $1.00 a piece. If a sound effect(s) would enhance your video, we have plenty! *

Add Music - The 'Basic Portland Puppets Video' comes with royalty-free music that "fits" with the style & type ^

of video you've ordered but if you would like we will add music that you, or no one, owns the right to for $5.00. 

Add Video Intros & Outros - $5.00 for "Basic" if you keep the Portland Puppets pre-intro and

$10.00 if you don't. Basic intros are Major Motion Picture, Birthday, Wedding, Travel, Plane and Train. ^

Add Deluxe Video Intros & Outros - Tell us what you want and we will get it for you for just $10.00, if you

keep the Portland Puppets pre-intro and $15.00 if you don't.    

​Add Explainer/White Board Video - Up to 40 words, (approximately 30 seconds), for $20.00. ^

Add Film Effects For ​Free - Speed up video. Change vintage of film to black & white, home movie, 

70s feel, cinema, vignette, warm​​

The Portland Puppets are skilled, professional, entertainers and be it in the writing, voicing or performing, it all comes down to being able to get someone's attention, no matter their age, and then keeping it. From on hold messages to elaborate, web, video ads the Portland Puppets know there is no business like show business and in everything they shows!


​​​More services than you can shake a stick at! Fromheart warming or instructive video messages to captivating videoweb adsthe Portland Puppets do it all.Outstanding writingandover 100 different voice over voices too! See all services below including"Live Shows".

            Now Over 60 Portland Puppets & 30 People Characters To Choose From!

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