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KidEd - Safety Tip

Surprise Concratulations

Invitation To Read

Good Grief 

A Joke -1 

Friendly Roast

KidEd - Health Tip

Song of Wonder


Music Vid- Drop The Tailgate

Invitation To A Party 2 

Invitation To An Event 2

A Brief Comedy Bit

Business Invitation

Dad Misses You

PSA - Externalities 

A Question - Ponderer 

Fast Message - Day Off

Preacher Got Da Moves


Preachers Recipe 

School Pride

PSA - Don't Litter 

Words of Wisdom

Invitations, Fund Raising, Greetings, PSA, Safety, Educational, Funny, Announcements, Personalized Messages - Sample Videos.

Recipe For A Dish

Come To Our Grand Closing

Medical Education 

A Personal Joke  

Event Invitation

PSA - Tolerance 

Music Video - Cowboy Hat

PSA - BLM Too! 

A Joke # 2 

Birthday Wish


Little Star - VLOG