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Now you can have your own script writer, (or provide your script(s), cast of over 60 different, (attention grabbing, judgement proof), characters, a set designer and a video producer that builds you quality videos, just the way you want, for a fraction of the price that others charge!

You Choose What You Want And We Will Create It For You! All Starting at just $10.00!

"Business Ads" videos are designed to increase a businesses sales and with the 'VidView Strategy' you can really get them to get you the business!

The "Message" videos are used for invitations, instructions, wishes, humorous messages, anything you can think of! 

Both "Business Ads" videos & "Message"
videos come with every option you could want in your video.

All the online videos the Portland Puppets make for customers, such as yourself, are what are known as mp4 files. These mp4 online video files are among the most common video file types and are very easily to down and up load on-line to social media sites, your website(s) or emailed.

It's Fun, Easy and crazzzy affordable to get online videos that everybody loves! So, let's do it! 

Get the 'Basic Puppet Video' for just $10.00. Yeah! Put the Portland Puppets Puppet Power to Work For You!

Pick any of the over 60 Portland Puppets to say the up to 70 word script, you provide, in front of your choice of a white, blue, green, red, purple background. Pay with Paypal the easy & safe way to pay! 

Go beyond "Basic Video'!If you've seen all the video style examples you seen that there are near endless options for the videos we can make for you.

See all the add-ons below or just email us at or call us at 971 276 4472 and say what you want and receive a price quote. 

It's Fun, Easy and crazzzy affordable to get online videos that everybody loves!

Get Your Custom Puppet Video!

First…About Time!

You can have your downloadable, Portland Puppets video as short, in length, as a few seconds, or as long as several minutes. It’s all up to you and what you want or need!

Most online video ads for websites, Facebook, emails and other social, media platforms are 45 seconds, or less, which is why “up to 45 seconds” is the “time base” Portland Puppets use.

That said, a fun or informative, on-line video message for your business should be what makes sense and to friends & family it can and should be as long as you want it.


We write scripts all the time! If you have a script, that's great! but if not then get a great script, up to 70 words, (approximately 45 seconds long), written for you, based on your 1 to 4 “talking points”. And indicate if you want it serious, funny, or other. $5.00. Each additional $5.00 gets you an extra, up to, 70 words/about 45 seconds of a script. That's tremendously inexpensive but that's because this "give away" rate makes getting great Portland Puppet videos even easier!  

With talking points, 1 talking point gets 100% of the script/time, whereas, 5 means they each get about 20% of the script/time. With this in mind, if you have “more talking points” or want more time per talking point, then add an extra based on your needs.

Basic Puppet Video is $10.00 - Pick any of the over 60 Portland Puppets to say the up to 70 words script, you provide, in front of your choice of a white, blue, green, red, purple background.

Customize Your Video With The Following Add Ons!

Add Another Portland Puppets Puppet to Say Up To 70 Words- $5.00 each. Portland Puppets love to talk to each other and sing together!


Choose from the over 60 Portland Puppets characters ready to create your message. 

Add up to 70 words for the puppet(s) to say - $5.00 per each up to 70 words. With each up to 70 words you order you have the option of adding another of the over Portland Puppets puppet, of your choice, to your 'Custom Puppet Video'.

Add Special Background - Your video will come with a basic background of your choice of a white, blue, green, red, purple but you can adda special Portland Puppets background for $1.00. See video of special Portland Puppets backgrounds. 

Add A Picture You Provide As Background for for $3.00. 

Add A Video You Provide As Background for for $10.00. Note: Video you provide needs to be a mp4 file with a "run time" at least as long as the custom video itself. 

Add your Logo and up to 4 of your Slides/Graphics/Pictures. $5.00 - each additional $5.00 doubles this. 

Add Your Slides/Graphics/Pictures up to 6 per each $5.00 - each additional $5.00 doubles this. 

Add "Video In Video" - Add your video(s) as background or off to the side of a puppet/and over the background, (added video(s) run/play time can’t exceed main video time). $10.00 per video.

Add Text, Captions or Titles - $5.00 + 0.05 a letter

Add Video Intros & Outros - $10.00 for basic intros are Major Motion Picture, Birthday, Wedding, Travel, Plane and Train.

Add Deluxe Video Intros & Outros - Tell us what you want and we will get it for you for just $20.00

Add Explainer/White Board Video - 20.00 for each up to 40 words, (approximately 30 seconds). Add Words for whiteboard - $0.25 per word.

Add Film Effects For $5.00 - Speed up video. Change vintage of film to black & white, home movie, 70s feel, cinema, vignette, warm. 

Add Lip-Sync - Choose from any one the 60 Portland Puppets, puppet(s) to lip-sync talk of sing for up to 3 minutes. $10.00 - each additional $10.00 doubles this. Note: You need to send the audio via an mp3 file.

Add Music- $3.00 for royalty-free music that "fits" with the style & type of video you've ordered but if you would like we will add music that you own, or no one owns the right to for $7.00. per mp3 file. – each additional for $5.00. Note: You need to send the audio via an mp3 file.

Add Sound Effects - $1.00 a each. If a sound effect(s) would enhance your video, we have plenty! *

We Make On-Line Videos For You! Just The Way You Want!

Once your video(s) is/are made it/they will be delivered to your email via mp4 file(s). 
A MP4 file is the most common video file type.

MP4 files can easily be saved on your computer/phone/thumb drive and loaded to Youtube or other video hosts and your website(s) and/or other social media platforms like Facebook and of course, they can be emailed to others. 

We build websites too for on average just $75.00. Contact us for more details. 

We use Paypal the safe secure way to pay. We do not collect any information!

Please contact us with your questions. We're happy to help!

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