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E Unum, Pluribus Voxs ~ Out Of One, Many Voices    Select From A Hundred Voices... Work With One Voice Over Actor/Artist.Have Questions? Please Contact The Portland Puppets, (marketing & messaging ad agency) at 1-971-276-4472.  Business Hours: 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday.

Welcome To Portland Puppets voice over voice gallery. One-Stop Shoping For All Your Voice Over Needs Including Writing, Jingles And Singing. 

Voice over is a very intimate craft and there are precious few occupations where the work is so much a part of the person who performs it, and as such, most voice-over actors/artists take a great deal of pride in what they do; and they do it well because there's nothing else they'd rather do." - Kevin
Wolf SeeProfile

 Hello, I'm Kevin Wolf and I've been doing voice-over for 15 years and in some respects all of my life. I was born an entertainer, even if only to entertain myself, much of the time, by paring my pliable and abundantly, versitile voice with my creative and seemingly, boundless imagination to produce, thoughtful, attention grabbing, entertainment.   

Like most voice-over actors/artist I love to talk, tell a story and I find being in-character euphoric. Suffice it to say, I pour my heart into every project I do regardless of size or content, for each "work" I perform defines me.

While the demand for voice-over work has never been greater nether has the pool of outstanding talent, this said, as you explore this Website, you'll see and hear that I have a lot to offer and I believe that if you're looking for an english speaking, voice-over, actor, you will give me a chance to audition for you. 

Please contact me if you have any questions and I will get back you as soon as I can.

Thank you.

Kevin Wolf

I Offer my Services for these Recording Purposes: 
- Adult content 
- Audio Books
- Automotive Voice Overs
Business Presentation

Corporate Narration
- Documentary Narration

- Infomercial
- IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and on-hold messages
- Narration
- Movie and game trailers 

- Podcasting
Political Ads
- Promos 

- Radio Station Branding
- Songs 
- Sports Announcer
- Television shows and movies 
Training, business presentations, sales, web sites, videos
Video Games 

I Offer my Services for these Recording Purposes: 

Voice Over Sound ~ Demo Links 
​New to go to The VO Gallery Entry first.
​Ancients ~ In English - British/English - Irish - Mexican - Pirate
Ancients ~ North America - Southern - Hillbilly - New Yorker - Old West
Narrators & Old West
Popular Stereo-Typical - Various
Specialty Themes - Holiday - Sailors - Retro Horror - Retro - Sci-Fi,                                
Famous - American Politicians, 
American Icons, 
American Singers Talking,                
American Cartoons

My Recording and Delivery Capabilities:  I have my own studio  I can receive live direction via Skype
•I will go to any designated studio in my area 
• I can record and then deliver the audio files via Email 
• I can record and then upload the audio files via FTP 
• I can record and then deliver the files by regular mail My Studio Equipment: MAGIX 2004 Audio Studio. Audacity. CreAtive - Special EffectsMXL 909 and ATR30 Low Impedance Microphones. Sterling Audio STPF2 Professional Mesh Pop FilterYamaha PSR 520 Keyboard.Pre-, Post- and Production Services: 
• I offer writing services • I can deliver edited and finished voice tracks
• I have a music library and can add music to any project 
• I can add special effects to any project

Please Contact The Portland Puppets, (marketing & messaging ad agency) at 1-971-276-4472.              Business Hours: 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday.
E Unum, Pluribus Voxs ~ Out Of One, Many Voices

Select From A Hundred Voices... Work With One Voice Over Actor/Artist.

Greetings my friend and welcome to the best Voice Over Gallery on the World Wide Web.  I will make your job easier. I'm Kevin Wolf, an English language, male, voice over actor, artist who performs over a hundred, different, sounding, voices, ranging in age from 29 to 99 years old, (and a few woman and children to boot), at your service for your voice over project(s).

The following information will tell you
all you need to know about how works and all that can do for you but first, you might wish to explore this wonderful, Voice Over Gallery, if you have not yet, already done so. 

VIDEO of the verbage  and  filming below/VOG Lobby Specifications:

- Any size project
- Broadcast quality audio from my professional, in-home studio.
- Wide voice range of over 100 different sounding voices to suit your specific voice-over needs.

- High quality mp3, WAV file format delivered via email for quick and easy upload.
- Fast turnaround; proportionate to the project!

- Reasonable rates to fit your budget. Just tell me about your project, deadline and budget. and depending on my schedule it's  
   very likely that I will voice your project.

- Writing services are also available for ads, jingles, on-hold messaging, you name it.
- Several years of experience as both a voice over performer and writer for voice over work.

- A few audio productions that provide a good sampling of my voicing and writing are, "The Bill & Burt Comedy Show - Kings Of 
  Sit-Down Comedy", Hush Dimbulb - In Hush We Trust" and "Dr. Dang - Dog Gone It". I performed over 50 different, voices in 
  just these 3 comedic, works. Each of these works, along with others, are available at and everywhere fine, comedy 
  is sold.

- Access to the most well-organized and extensive, individual voice over gallery, (VOG), on the net; means fast, easy access to 
   over a 100 demos of different, sounding voices. That's right! that means that with little time or effort, you can select the perfect 
   voice(s) for your project and have fun doing it.

                      Just think of me as your exclusive voice over, actor, custom, tailored to meet all your voice over needs!

You know what they say...from audiobooks and documentaries to commercials and impersonations; be it voicing or writing, (Slogans, Radio Ads, Promos, Ad Campaigns, Political Campaigns Ads, Real Estate Description, Satire, Parody, Audiobooks, Plays, Comedy, Pitchman, Jingles and more),  I'm your singular, source, or "one-stop-shop", for serving most, if not all, of your voice over, and voice over, related needs and, yes, suffice it to say, that means I will make your job a lot easier.

Please contact me with any questions you have. When it comes to voice over, I'm all you'll ever need and I'm here for you.

Now, let's take a  look at how this amazing system aka., works.'s Select-A-Voice, system, saves time by alleviating guess work and makes finding the perfect voice, for your project, a snap. Select-A-Voice Type by using Kwik Piks by the number(s) or Demo-By-Name.

Starting with this; the 'VO Gallery Entry' page, you can select a voice accent(s) if a particular accent is needed for your project.

Go further into the virtual 'VO Gallery' or VOG by going to pages: VOG Sec 1 ~ (Narrators ~ Vocal Diamonds, Old West Voices and Accents), VOG Sec 2, (Popular Voices), VOG Sec 3, (Holiday ~  Sailors ~ Retro Horror ~ Retro Sci-Fi ~ Laughs) and VOG Sec 4, (Famous Voices).

1. Explore the well organized VOG to choose a voice or voices for your project. You can sample up to 1oo voices. 

2. Email
me your  "Pre-Audition Project Submission" or PAPS. A PAPS consists of the following:
                                    1.) The voice(s) you want for your project.
                                    2.) Full project completion date/deadline. Note: Not the audition deadline but the for actual full project.
                                    3.) The full project details such as length and all other aspects like music, sound effects, etc.  
                                    4.) The amount you will pay me for the completion of the project, upon your acceptance. Note: Auditions are free.
                                    5.) Sample of the script you want me to use for the audition.
                                    6.) Details such as style, tone, emphasis points, etc. I call this the "Directors Desire". Note: I welcome an 
                                         "over- the-phone critique" of my auditions, especially on first time reads.  Just let me know if you would
                                          like to do an "Over-The-Phone critique" of my audition for your project and will gladly arrange a time 
                                          that works for you.

3. I will contact you, or the assigned contact person, via phone, or email, within 4 hours of receiving the PAPS if I will audition,  
    (Monday through Friday 6 AM to 5 PM PST). I will only do an audition if I can accommodate every aspect of the project. 
    Note: I appreciate all offers to audition and therefore, in the unlikely event that you don't hear from me within that 4 hour 
    time frame it's only because circumstances are not not permitting. If you would like you can resubmit the PAPS for another try.   

4. If I do an audition, for your project, I will have it sent to you, or the assigned contact person, via Mp3 within 24 hours or 1 
     business day of the time I received your PAPS. Note: Except when, or unless, other arrangements are made between me and 
     you, or your assigned contact, I will always complete the audition within 24 hours or 1 business day of receiving the PAPS.

5. If I "pass the audition", just send m
e the full script along with any pertinent information, or instructions. Note: I must 
     receive 50% of the total payment prior to starting the work and the remainder upon completion and your acceptance of the   
     finished piece. Unless otherwise agreed, all payments must be made to my PayPal account via my email.
     For most projects, of substantial length, completed audio and payments can be portioned out. This also applies to writing 

     For on-going working relationships, in most cases, 30-day terms can be arranged upon request. 

I will never agree to do any work for you that I am not certain that I can do and do well, in addition to completing within the specified deadline.  

I would like be of service to you. I appreciate your input and welcome your questions. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or PAPS you have. I'm and will get back to you shortly.  

 This website was made for you, so if you are new to take some time to take an audio tour   
 through's Voice Over Gallery, aka VOG, and meet my approximately, 100 different voices. 

                                                  Each voice is assigned a number but they also have a name 
                                   because each voice is personality and every personality is worthy of a name. 

              I may have coined the phrase, "The Best Seat Is In The Theater Of The Mind". As you tour the  's VOG, perhaps you can just rest your eyes and have seat in the theater of your mind. 

                                                                                     Enjoy my friend. ​