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Fun Playful

​​​​​Welcome to the Portland Puppets 'Messaging and Marketing' Voices & Videos Page.  

Just click on any Portland Puppets Profile Video, below on this page, to hear a sample of that
voice over and, of course, you can always have a Portland Puppet deliver your message via mp4 video.  

The Portland Puppets offer over 100 voice over voices, making theirs the largest, private, voice over, voice banks in the world.  To hear even more voice over samples go to their Voice Over Gallery.   

There are many uses for a Portland Puppets voice over: Fun or Informative Facebook, Email or Website Videos Power-Point Presentations   Blogs  Cartoons animation/character  Narration for websites & documentaries  Web Ads  Ring Tones  Audio Books  Trade Show Attract & Tell Business & Instructional Presentation  Commercials/Infomercials  IVR, voicemail, phone systems,and on-hold messages  Promos  Video Games Movie and Game Trailers  Pitchman  Pod Casting  Videos  Radio Station Branding  Songs  Etc.  - Tons of Attention Holding Character(s)!!!   

Lovable Loser

Cool Kid

Rude Critic


Wealthy Guy

Black Singer

Friendly Cowboy

Irish Guy

Italian Guy

Rugged Cowboy

Rock & Roll DJ

Snooty Girl

Smooth Soft

Good Kid

Old Smart Alec 


Marketing Guy


Brooklyn Guy  

Dylan - Hippie  

Drill Sargent  


Turkish Guy

Party Animal

Hyper Karate 

Willie Like

Old Wizard 

Nerd Geek 



Old Nature Guy

Silly Cartoon

Beatles Like

Proud Actor


Game Show Guy

Mexican Guy

Proud Floozy

Old Prospector

Elvis Like

Fun Playful

Capote Like

Hardy Cowboy

Soft Spoken

Robust Pirate

Country Sheriff

Fitness Coach


Story Teller

WC Fields Like

Cop Stereo-Type



Young Wizard

Wild Bandit

Wild Up Beat